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Are you seeking answers to who you are, your purpose in life? Desiring better health? Financial stability? True friendship?

You are not alone in your spiritual quest. As Christians, we look to the inspired words of The Bible for practical answers to life’s questions, to human longing for freedom and contentment.

Christ Jesus is our model. He knew God as his Father, always present to guide him with divine wisdom and tangible loving care. As all of us today seek to know God better as our all-loving Father- Mother, our divine Parent, we find our lives enriched, improved, and our human needs met.

The Science of Christ, also called Christian Science, is a universal system of healing through prayer alone that anyone can use by applying the spiritual truths proved by Christ Jesus in his overcoming of sin, disease, and even death. He expected his followers to heal themselves and others by understanding God’s divine goodness and power, even his followers today.

We invite you to learn more about this healing Science of Christ by exploring our website, attending our Sunday service and visiting our Reading Room.

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